Using our Zendesk integration it is possible to display:

  • Tickets
  • Events

Useful facts about Zendesk:

Update Frequency:
Every 1 min

Supports Custom Fields?

What is the difference between Zendesk Tickets and Events? 

Tickets: Every time there is an update to a ticket, we update the ticket with the new status etc. into the ticket data source.

Events: Ticket events are a bit different and to quote Zendesk's own documentation: "Returns a stream of changes that occurred on tickets. Each event is tied to an update on a ticket and contains all the fields that were updated in that change."

So this means that Ticket Events are more like a historical log of changes on the tickets. So every time you e.g. change a status (or something else) on a ticket, it will create a ticket event.

Currently Plecto only handles 3 types of events: 'Status change', 'New ticket comment' and 'Custom field changed' - also called 'Action's in the Event data source. For each event we log the new value of the event and the field that changed, which indicates how the change was made.

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