At our office we have a poster saying:

"In case of incorrect data - teams teams teams"


  • You can use one formula across teams, time periods and widgets.
  • If an employee is moving to another team or if he stops, you don't have to change all the formulas, but only move or remove the person from the team.
    (If you are not on the team, you won't count in the numbers.)

For data to be displayed anywhere in Plecto, the employee associated with the data must at all times be associated with at least one team.


Your team can contain managers and members.

Only members will be displayed on the dashboards. So remember to add managers as members too, if they also count in the numbers.

Both managers and members will have access to the 'Custom Input' registration boxes.

Limit access:

You can limit access to dashboards, if you don't want teams to access each other's numbers.

Read more here.

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