When experiencing this scenario there are a couple of things you can check yourself to quickly solve the challenge you are experiencing:


Teams are very important in Plecto. Please check that your employees are assigned to a team. Did you assign a team or multiple teams to the dashboard via the dashboard settings or to a widget on the dashboard?
It is also a good idea to check if your employees figure twice on the employee list. If you integrate with e.g. Pipedrive and Podio we import all the active users. If you have integrated both or maybe created some employees manually, it can happen that you have the same employees twice. If so, you will have to merge them.

Data sources

Is your data source up to date? You might also have to check which date field Plecto uses in the data source's settings.
Try to run a re-import from the settings on your data source. You will find a button called "Import more data". Select the date range, e.g. a year, and import the data.


Please check that your formula is correct; is it referring to the selected data source? If you are using filters, please check that these filters refer to the fields in the data source. You might have to add a .Date modifier if you want to use another date field than the one assigned to in the data source.

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