By connecting Plecto with Phillips Hue you can create a sparkling experience for your employees when they perform well or reach a target. 

Let's say you want to see flashing lights when one of your sales reps reach a certain target. By creating a notification with Philips Hue lights, you can flash smart lightening when the notification triggers.

Currently you can do the following with our IOT Phillips Hue Integration:

  • Permanently change the color of a light.
  • Flash a light in a color.

The Philips Hue Bridge

How to set up the Philips Hue:

Before setting up the Philips Hue, you'll need the Plecto IOT box to connect your local network with Plecto.

Send us an email at if you want a box. It is currently a beta feature and there is a small one-time fee to receive the IOT box.

When you have the Plecto device please follow the following steps:

  • Connect to power and plug in the Plecto IOT device to the network.
  • Connect to power and plug in the Philips Hue Bridge to the same network as the Plecto device.
  • Press the power button on the Hue.
  • Go to, and go to 'Gamifications' > 'Notifications' > Select 'Flash Philips Hue light' in the bottom of the page:
  • When clicking on the 'Flash Philips hue light' button, a settings box will appear. Click on the refresh icon
  • Now, click on the button on top of your Hue bridge within 30 seconds!
  • A drop down will appear, and you'll be able to select the Hue device.

See our article on how to set up notifications here

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