Using our Adversus integration it is possible to display:

  • Call Details Records
  • Leads
  • Sessions

Useful facts about Adversus:

Update Frequency:
Every 1 min

Supports Custom Fields?

Supports deleted registrations?

Supports custom user fields?
CDR: userId
Leads: lastContactedBy
Sessions: userId

Good to know about leads in Adversus:

Plecto imports all your leads from Adversus, also those that do not have an employee assigned. This means that leads that haven't yet been contacted will be assigned to an "Adversus Unassigned" employee in Plecto. 

If you use teams on your widgets, and you wish not to include data from this "Adversus Unassigned" employee, you can remove this employee from the team. 

If you do not use teams on your widgets, those widgets will include data from this employee. 

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