Field types: 

  • Session – Sessions: A session is a user’s interaction with your website that results in data being sent to the Google Analytics server. 
  • Session – Avg. Session Duration: Average time spent on your website. This metric is one of the most common used by companies to track the traffic being driven to their website. 
  • Session – Bounces: Bounces are visitors who leave your website after viewing only one page. This can be an indicator of low-quality traffic. 
  • Session – Bounce Rate: The bounce rate is a metric that measures the percentage of people who land on your website, and do nothing further on the page as they entered. It is calculated by dividing all single page sessions by all sessions. A user bounces, when there has been no interaction with other pages on your website, and ends with a single-page visit. You can use the bounce rate to indicate the quality of a page on your website or whether the audience fits the purpose of your site.
  • Page Tracking – Pageviews: The number of pages on your website that people have viewed in total. 
  • Page Tracking – Avg. Time on Page: Average time spent on one page on your website. 
  • User – Users: The number of people visiting your website – both unique visitors and returning customers. 
  • User – New Users: A unique visitor. 


If a visitor goes to and looks at our home page, our about page and our pricing page, that would count as 1 user, 1 session and 3 page views.

If the visitor, on the other hand, visits Plecto, looks at the front page and closes the tap, this would count as a bounce as there is no trigger sent to the Google Analytics server. 

Is a high bounce rate a bad thing?
This depends on the purpose of the page on your website; if the purpose is only to inform, and people visit a page to read an article or a blog post, a high bounce rate is not a bad thing per se as the visitors close the tap after they are done reading or after they have found what they were looking for. 

If the purpose of the page is to engage with the website, i.e. to get the visitors to look further on your website and read your content on the pages, a high bounce rate is a bad thing. 

You can visualize your bounce rate in a speedometer in Plecto and preferable use conditional colors. Instead of just having white numbers on your dashboard, it gives a cool visual effect to use conditional colors, which also makes the numbers easier to browse through:

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