Using our Podio integration it is possible to display:

  • Any app

Useful facts about Podio:

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Supports Custom Fields?

Supported Member Fields:

When you set up your Podio data source in Plecto, please make sure that you are an administrator in Podio, and that you have the following rights: add_hook og view_members

Tips and tricks:

How to import App References to Plecto in order to show fields from related apps:

For now, Plecto cannot import App References. We only import the number of related items. This means that you will find only a decimal number in that field.

Let's say you have an app with customer names and another app with sales, and you will like to relate your sales to the customer's name, Plecto will only import the number of related data - in this case 1.

But there is a workaround to this - do not despair 😃  

You will need to create a text field in Podio, and create a workflow in order to show fields from related apps. 

Go to your Podio account:

  • Open your app and click on the wrench icon.
  • Click 'Modify template'.
  • Select 'Text' (you can hide it if you prefer). Select 'Single line'.
  • Rename it to your decided field name.
  • Now write '@' and you will see a list of fields from each related app you can select. If you allow multiple related items, they will be called 'All of [field name]'. 
  • Select the field from the related app you want to see, and if it says 'All of' you can append '[0]' to the end to use the first item. 

Here is a guide from Podio on how to create workflows. 

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