This small guide will get you started on connecting your web apps with Zapier in order to share data and visualize it in Plecto. 

In Plecto:

Before you begin, you'll need to create a data source in Plecto:

  • Go to 'Data management' > 'Data sources' > 'New data source'.
  • Select 'Plecto API'.
  • Write what kind of data you want to collect (e.g. Sales, Leads, Budgets).
  • Design the registration box (optional). Here you can add fields to the registration box. You can add as many as you like. 
  • Click 'Save'.

Example on how to set up and design the registration box in Plecto.

In Zapier: 

After creating the API data source in Plecto, simply go to Zapier and make a Zap. 

  • Click 'Make a Zap!'. 
  • Set up the 'Trigger' step: Choose your 'Trigger App', and follow the guide step by step described by Zapier.
  • Set up the 'Action' step: Choose your 'Action', and set up your Plecto registration. 
  • Fill out the template (Integration name, User ID, User Name, Data source, External ID). Use the list option to add a dynamic text (marked with red on the picture below):

Please note:

The External ID must be unique for each row - so if you send multiple rows with the same External ID to Plecto, they will override each other, and you will end up with only one registration.
The User ID is a unique name/number you must assign to the user. If you have a lot of sales people, you can have two employees with the same name. In that case, you can assign them different User IDs but the same name.
The date format should be a whole date (DDMMYYYY). 

Need more help?
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