Perhaps you wish to see when the members of your call team have made their latest call to keep track of their activity?
You can display this with a Last Syntax in the Advanced Formula Editor. 

  • Go to 'Formulas' > 'New formula' > 'Empty Formula' > 'Advanced editor'.
  • Select 'Last' in the drop down and select the data source you wish to refer to:
  • If you want to display results from all answered calls, you can create a filter on 'Answer time':

Please note: This is what the editor looks like with the Adversus Integration. The field names vary from data source to data source. 

  • Remember to change the number formatting to 'Date and time':
  • You should end up with a formula looking like this: 
  • When adding the formula to a table on your dashboard, it will look like this: 

Table showing the employee's latest calls.

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